Key Attributes of Adzera Fashions party bags :

Effortless Organization: Say goodbye to rummaging through your handbag to find your keys or lip balm. With a small purse attached to your handbag, you can effortlessly keep your essentials organized and within easy reach. 

Versatile Functionality: From running errands to attending social gatherings, our handbags with attached small purses are designed to adapt to your busy lifestyle.The versatility of this design ensures you’re always prepared for any occasion.

Stylish Coordination: Coordinate your accessories effortlessly with our handbags and attached small purses. Choose from a variety of colours, materials, and designs to match your personal style and elevate your look. 

Compact Convenience: The attached small purse offers just enough space for your essentials—such as cash, cards, and lipstick—while the main handbag provides ample room for larger items like your phone, wallet, and sunglasses. Streamline your essentials without sacrificing style or functionality.

Weight .600 kg



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